Stay Safe at University

Top Tips To Stay Safe At University Yes - we all know that the thought of going off to university can be incredibly daunting, especially if you have never been away from home. Both parents and students can feel waves of anxiety as students head off to their new...

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Safety for Runners

Safety for Runners Love to run but get a little worried when the nights draw in? Even the most experienced runners can use a refresher on safety so we’ve asked our team of testers to come up with their top safety tips. Our top tips are: 1. Stay Aware It’s easy to...

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Safety on a Gap Year

Safety on a Gap Year Seeing the world independently is most definitely a rite of passage for many young people but let’s face it backpacking is not without risks.There are ways to minimise the dangers that come with the pursuit of freedom and discovering the world....

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Setup & Operation

  1. After installing, and starting the app for the first time the set-up wizard will open:
  • Give yourself a name. We don’t record this, but your name will appear in the message the app will send out.

  • Fill in the details of the people who you want to be contacted in case of an emergency. You can do this manually or importing them from your address book. Click on the pen or the address book.

  • The wizard will give you the option to send a text message to your nominated contacts. Just to be sure that everything is working.

  • The app will ask you then for your permission to access your location while you are using the app. Please press “allow” to make the most of its abilities. If you press “don’t allow” the app will remind you that it cannot properly function when location services are turned off. If you want to use the app to send your location, you must go back to settings and activate location services.

  • That’s it! You are ready to go

  1. The app can make a lot of noise by sounding a siren and make people around you aware that you might need assistance.
  1. Or it can send a text message to some friends of yours, telling them that you need assistance. It includes a link to a Google map where your friends can see where you were when you sent the message and can track your movements for sixty minutes.
  1. There is also a Combination button which will both sound the siren and send out the text messages with the Google link in one go.
  1. Finally, it can speed dial your friends without leaving the app, just in case you need to speak to them.
  1. You can activate any of the function by just tapping the icon. If you tap the message icon, the message will open in a text message box, and you have send the message for it to go to your contacts.
  1. If you tap the siren button, the siren will go off with maximum volume, even if your volume is turned down or the phone muted. To stop it, simply tap the icon again. Also make sure your headphones are not attached.
  1. All the buttons have a delayed-release function. If you keep pressing the alarm button, the alarm will not go off. Only when you take your finger off the button will the noise start.
  1. In settings, you can do two important things:
  • You can change the contacts you want to alert in case of an emergency. You should always think who will be around to come to your help and adapt the list depending on where you are and what you are doing. For example, if you go to a festival, you want to put in the names of the people with you at the festival.

  • You can also personalise the message which will go out. We recommend leaving the reference to location in the message.

  1. Under settings, you will find our privacy policy. Speaking about privacy – we take this seriously. For this reason, we will not record any of your details until you activate a message. From that moment we will track your location for 60 minutes and keep this record for 48 hours before deleting it. We track your phone through a token similar to a cookie and will not be able to identify you or your phone number.

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