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Data Collection and Storage Solutions

A medical research organisation needed a data collection solution which would work on- and off grid for its global annual blood pressure survey.

We created a multilingual mobile and web app to collect data on and offline. We store it safely, first in the app and then once the user connected to the internet, we upload the data securely to the client’s database.

The app was designed to replaced a paper, and spreadsheet- based solution and reduced manual intervention to a minimum.

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Matchmaking Solutions

Every weekend, our client matches around the world, thousands of volunteers serving as match officials to hundreds of rugby and cricket fixtures.

We created a mobile app to streamline the existing match making function into a simple to use, mobile design, allowing club officials and volunteers access to all the information and submit match reports on the go.

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Technology that really Works

The best kind of technology is the kind you don’t notice. We use the latest tech to create the very best experiences, keeping things fast, simple and effortless

Business Growth Solutions

An idea which morphs into an opportunity. An opportunity which turns into a business. A business which becomes a success. A brand which grows to be iconic. But how to expand from here?

We worked with Meatopia to create a website which thoroughly communicates the brand’s dedication to quality, sustainability, community, and a love of good food.

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Tailored to your clients

Your clients are what makes your business unique. We create digital experiences with a focus on what matters most to the people that matter most.

Audience Engagement & Data Analysis Solutions

Under the Festyvent brand, we provide festivals with white-labelled, customised apps to engage with the audience and to keep them updated on what is happening when and where. We constantly improve the audience experience with new features such as SmartMaps, Safe@Festival and Share my Schedule.

We also provide the festival with deep insights into their audience preferences and how they move throughout the festival.

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Brilliant app your way

We’re all unique. It’s what keeps things interesting. By giving you full control over your identity, we highlight what makes your business special.

Safety and Protection Solutions

Audiences get into all kinds of difficulties at live events and need to be able to request assistance with the minimum of effort. Safe@Festival allows users to share their exact location and alert friends, event organisers and emergency contacts with just 2-3 button clicks.

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Small team big experience.

We are independently owned and creatively minded. Our dedicated team of experts have the knowledge and experience to deliver the best possible outcomes for our clients. No ifs, no buts.

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