With You Every Step of the Way

Safety Beacon is the personal safety app that helps you, your friends and family stay safe at the touch of a button, wherever you go.

Personal safety at the touch of a button. Wherever you go.


Send a text message asking up to three friends or family members for help, together with your current location, What Three Words™️ co-ordinates and live-stream location link (up to 60 minutes).


Sound an alarm to alert people around you to take notice and help you out.

Message + Siren

Sound the siren AND send a text message to your nominated friends and family at the same time, and alert people you need help fast.

Call contacts

Speed dial your nominated friends, family or emergency services and speak to someone as quickly as possible.

The personal safety app you can trust

Easy to find you

In the text message to your friends and family, we show your location on a map that updates in real-time for 60 minutes. Making it easier for people to find you - even when you’re on the move.

Super simple setup

Simply add the name and number of your nominated friends and family contacts and you’re good to go!

Customise your app

In settings, customise your text message wording and add an extra contact number for medical help, for example, the name and number of your GP.

We value your privacy

So we can give your friends and family real-time updates of your location, we will track your movements for 60 minutes.We store the name you have provided in the set-up wizard and your location details on our servers for up to 48-hours after you’ve raised an alarm. After this time, we’ll delete all held data, and we guarantee never to sell or expose your data to any third parties during the short time we hold it unless required to do so by law.

Peace of mind

Our value-for-money app (there’s just a one-off payment of £1.99) ensures you can raise a safety alarm at the touch of a button. Enjoy your weekend festivals, solo travel trips and evening runs. Feel reassured you or your teen is safe travelling to and from school. Safety Beacon app is with you every step of the way.

Our Story

Whether you’re a festival-goer, solo traveller, runner - or simply want to feel more confident going about your everyday life - our app is with you every step of the way.

Founded in 2019 by tech entrepreneurs, David Jacobs and Olivier Zucker, Safety Beacon is the personal safety app helping you, your friends and family stay safe at the touch of a button.

Experienced in developing apps for festivals worldwide (they founded Clarifi Media back in 2014), Olivier and David heard countless stories from young people who loved going to gigs and festivals with friends but struggled to stay together as a group. More often than not they’d lose their mates and found it difficult to communicate their exact whereabouts. Parents were also expressing concerns about their teens going off to festivals for the first time.

Olivier and David thought, ‘we can build an app to help with that’. And the duo quickly realised a personal safety tool on your mobile would come in handy for people in all sorts of situations.

So many situations might need a safety alarm.

When you’re out running in the evening when it’s dark. Working the night shift. Starting secondary school and using public transport on your own for the first time. Starting university and you - and your parents - want peace of mind. And even when you’re on a blind date that’s not going so great and you want a convenient excuse to get out of there!

Safety Beacon app helps you alert friends and family to your exact location via siren, text or GPS-streaming, making it the perfect pocket companion for peace of mind - all at the touch of a button